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December 24
December 31, 2007
  •   “Reactionary Utopian” columns for these dates have not yet been posted to the website.
December 18, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Honoring Evil
Callous in himself and the cause of callousness in other men
November 15
December 11, 2007
  •   No “Reactionary Utopian” columns were written or sent out for these dates.
November 8, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Religion, Old and New
Preservation from that deep loss of modernity: the loss of identity
November 1, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The Demise of Privacy
If sex is private why is it more public than ever before?
October 25, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Is John Wayne Dangerous?
Civilization depends on the hardy virtues of courage and honor.
October 16, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Same-Sex What?!
A new morally imperative fad and enforceable taboo
October 11, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The Judicial Veto
Centralized legislation has been accompanied by centralized jurisprudence.
October 9, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Leave My Mind Alone
“Diversity” is our greatest strength, which is why all children must get the same kind and degree of education.
October 5, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   God and the Internet
Real authority is a check on those who currently hold power.
October 3, 2007   •   Our Worst Enemy
The new Hitler, and propaganda designed to stupefy
September 13–28, 2007   •   “Reactionary Utopian” columns for these dates have not yet been posted to the website.
September 11, 2007   •   Civil Rights and Civility
The fallacy that everything depends on legislation gives political leaders a stature they don’t deserve.
September 6, 2007   •   Listening to Ourselves
Bush is reduced to warning of what could happen if we lose.
September 4, 2007   •   Mother Teresa’s Doubts
Changing the bedpans of dying beggars years would try anyone’s faith.
August 30, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Loose Cannons with Nukes
The elusive distinction between boot camp and sensitivity training.
August 28, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The Lady Is a Man
When the authorship question isn’t at issue, many scholars believe that the sonnets are autobiographical.
August 23, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Underworld and Overworld
In every society there is a parasite class that gets others to work for them while keeping the law on their side.
August 21, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Those Dizzy Feminists
Solving problems that no longer exist
August 16, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Litmus Test Alert
Political language is not meant to inspire reflection.
August 14, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Things to Come
Extrapolating from current trends
August 9, 2007   •   No column was posted for this day.
August 7, 2007   •   No column was posted for this day.
August 2, 2007   •   The Nixon I Didn’t Know
The “imperial” presidency of Richard Nixon was merely part of the global empire liberals had been cheering on for several generations.
July 31, 2007   •   No column was posted for this day.
July 27, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Missing Lives
Forty million abortions, and we’re supposed to worry about how tough it is to be an abortionist.
July 26, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The Stepfather
America has forgotten its real fathers.
July 19, 2007   •   No column was posted for this day.
July 16, 2007   •   Big Words, Old Dreams
We politely refer to Israel as an ally of the United States rather than its client.
July 12, 2007   •   Behind the Times
No worldly persecution could have damaged the Church as much as Vatican II did.
July 9, 2007   •   The Lessons of History
Tiny narratives tagged with single, simple morals
July 5, 2007   •   A Pair of Liberals
Liberals don’t rail against the executive and judicial abuses of liberals.
July 2, 2007   •   The Bush Legacy
Bush has been a failure in almost every way, but especially in foreign policy.
June 28, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The Optional Jesus
Not divine, but awfully quotable
June 26, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The Age of Nonjudgmentalism
From a nonjudgmental perspective, everything is fine.
June 21, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Extremist No More
How many conservatives are willing to say the 1964 Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional?
June 18, 2007   •   Optimists, Pessimists, and Others
Eavesdropping on the soliloquies of madmen
June 14, 2007   •   Defense and Other Lies
Liberals lie about abortion the way conservatives lie about war.
June 12, 2007   •   The Honor of Ron Paul
He doesn’t belong in a party that has made conservative a synonym for destructive.
June 08, 2007   •   Cruel Doctrines
If our conception of God is so “cruel,” how is it that we put so much stress on his mercy and loving kindness?
June 05, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Bipartisan Spirituality
A politician holds office because a modest majority of half-informed people who imagined that their votes mattered reckoned that he was the lesser evil.
May 31, 2007   •   Wanted: A New Conservatism
Or a really old one
May 29, 2007   •   The Great American Fascist
It is presumptuous to assert a consensus where none exists.
May 24, 2007   •   American Idols
Giving Ahura Mazda a pass
May 22, 2007   •   Special Edition
I don’'t understand people with only one edition of Shakespeare, but if you want just one Shakespeare, this is the one to get.
May 17, 2007   •   You Must Remember This
Rewriting history
May 15, 2007   •   My Cane
Man’s capacity for praise and appreciation, disinterested joy in things outside himself
May 11, 2007   •   Giuliani, the Pope, and Aristotle
Liberals are seldom delighted when the Church speaks out and they complain when she doesn’t.
May 8, 2007   •   The Sanctimony of the Atheists
Free association with a grudge
May 3, 2007   •   The Sobran Method: A True Story
How my grandson learned to love Shakespeare
May 1, 2007   •   A Great American Actor
Give him an audience and he was magic.
April 26, 2007   •   Defending the “Procedure”
Abortion is one way of controlling all those people who tend to reproduce with such annoying fertility.
April 23, 2007   •   The Fadsters
Liberals have always had one great gift: the ability to start stampedes.
April 19, 2007   •   A Time for Digression
The first dramatist ever to write both immortal comedies and immortal tragedies
April 16, 2007   •   The Arab Solution
Slavery and castration
April 12, 2007   •   The Science of Expertology
Getting suspicious when all the experts agree that we should surrender our liberties to the mammoth state
April 9, 2007   •   What Obama Can Do
A chance to win the gratitude even of Americans who have given up on voting
April 5, 2007   •   Happy Easter!
The Problem of Evil is trumped by the real mystery, the Problem of Good.
April 3, 2007   •   You Be the Judge
Quotations from Shakespeare
March 29, 2007   •   My Other Sandy
Love and a handshake
March 26, 2007   •   An Enemy of the People
The dunce cap has become obsolete.
March 23, 2007   •   I Remember Sandy
How I learned all I really needed to know about women.
March 22, 2007   •   The Shakespeare Bigots
Loosely ascribing bigotry is itself a form of bigotry.
March 19, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The New Taboos
We live in a pluralistic society where everyone must think and talk alike.
March 15, 2007   •   No column was posted for this day.
March 13, 2007   •   Scandal at Silver Lake
In 1958, I nearly got my entire Boy Scout Troop thrown out of summer camp at Silver Lake.
March 8, 2007   •   A Coriolanus in Our Future?
Tact is not his strong suit.
March 5, 2007   •   Family Values, Roman and Republican
The wildest St. Patrick’s Day Rome has ever seen
March 1, 2007   •   The Fun of Falstaff
He is master of the situation, not its butt.
February 26, 2007   •   How to Make a Great Movie
Al Gore, in An Inconvenient Truth, reminds me of Robert Preston merrily panicking the River City rubes in The Music Man.
February 22, 2007   •   Fine-Filed Phrases
Notice how much Shakespeare can say in ten words or fewer.
February 19, 2007   •   No column was posted for this day.
February 15, 2007   •   Rated FDR
In his defense, Roosevelt ordered the development of the atomic bomb, which at least does not produce much second-hand smoke.
February 12, 2007   •   America after Anna Nicole
Most cartographers agree that Iran is situated right between Iraq and Afghanistan.
February 8, 2007   •   For Bigots Only
Even if the charge is false by objective standards, you obviously did something to make someone want to make a false charge.
February 6, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Free Speech, Anyone?
The mob fury Mr. Graglia encountered, abetted by university officials, ensures that free speech will stay within safe limits in the future.
February 1, 2007   •   A Better Tyrant?
We are still in the era of dictatorship.
January 29, 2007   •   Ms. President?
We’ve already had our revolution, and it’s continuing under Republican management. How much worse could she be?
January 25, 2007   •   President Paul?
After six years of supporting George W. Bush, conservatives should be in a reflective mood.
January 23, 2007   •   Prospects for 2008
One issue unites all the candidates of both parties: Nobody wants to revive the U.S. Constitution.
January 18, 2007   •   Remembering Sam Francis
There was no one more immune to liberal enthusiasms.
January 16, 2007
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Foreign and What?
Authority in the guise of the “expert.”
January 11, 2007   •   End of a Dream
George Bush sounds like an arsonist trying to convince us that the blazing city can still be saved.
January 9, 2007   •   The Elevation of Nancy Pelosi
Many Americans actually believe that something of consequence happened last week.
January 4, 2007   •   A Ford, Not a Caesar
In retrospect, even his ordinariness seems almost a rare and precious quality.
January 2, 2007   •   The Trouble with Vouchers
It’s because schools control what children and adolescents think that the power of doing so should be dispersed in private hands rather than concentrated in the state.

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