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[picture of Joe Sobran]spacerJoe Sobran received his B.A. in English from Eastern Michigan University and pursued graduate studies in English, specializing in Shakespeare. From 1969 to 1970 he taught English on a fellowship and lectured on Shakespeare.

In 1972, he went to work for National Review Magazine, beginning what would be a 21-year stint, including 18 years as senior editor.

From 1979 to 1991, Mr. Sobran was a regular commentator on CBS Radio’s “Spectrum” series. He has been a nationally syndicated columnist since 1979, first with the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, then with the Universal Press Syndicate, and now with Griffin Internet Syndicate, for which he writes two columns per week, which are later posted on this site. He also writes the weekly column “Washington Watch” for The Wanderer, a weekly Catholic newspaper, which is also posted on this site.

Mr. Sobran is the author of three books. Single Issues: Essays on the Crucial Social Questions was published by The Human Life Press (New York, 1983) and is now available as a data CD. His book on the Shakespeare authorship question, titled Alias Shakespeare: Solving the Greatest Literary Mystery of All Time, was released in May 1997 by the Free Press. His most recent book is Hustler: The Clinton Legacy, a collection of essays selected and edited by Tom McPherren (with a foreword by Ann Coulter) and published in 2000 by Griffin Communications. Information about all three books and two booklets is available on this site.

He is currently writing a book on the Lincoln presidency and its abandonment of the Constitution and another book on the poems of Edward de Vere, the 17th earl of Oxford.

Mr. Sobran is also a lecturer and speaker who appears frequently on major talk shows and at conferences throughout the country.

In 1994, he founded SOBRAN’S. a monthly newsletter of his essays and columns. The newsletter is available by subscription and by e-mail at this website or by calling our toll-free number (1-800-513-5053).

Here’s what people are saying about Joe Sobran:

“No one so explicitly or deftly connects what is happening in the world today to the loss of our freedom and the systematic usurpations of government — absolutely no one. Sobran is a cross between Mencken, Nock, and Cato’s letters.”
Sheldon Richman, editor of The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty.
“Perhaps the finest columnist of our generation.”
Patrick J. Buchanan
“Joe Sobran is a national treasure.”
Llewellyn Rockwell Jr.
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