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Introducing the Hive

Long-time readers of Joe Sobran will remember a metaphor he and Tom Bethell of American Spectator developed which they termed “The Hive.” Many of us had hoped that a rumored book they were writing might one day see the light of day.

We’re going to have to go on waiting a little longer. But in the meantime, both writers have begun to address the subject again. Until that book appears, the SOBRANS website will be posting columns and articles by both writers as they appear in various publications.

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(articles by Joe Sobran, reprinted from SOBRANS, unless otherwise indicated)

The Party of Abnormality
The hive-like moral conformity of the intellectuals is among the wonders of the modern world.
 •  Column of November 4, 2004;
reprinted with permission of the Griffin Internet Syndicate
Before the Hive
How the Red Decade paved the way
for the Hive
 •  August 2001 (Volume 8, Number 8)
Defenders of the Faith
Why is journalism so reflexively on the side of the government?
 •  Column of July 17, 2001;
reprinted with permission of the Griffin Internet Syndicate
The Weirdest Sister
Th Elián uproar has witnessed a sort of reunion of the Hive. Just what do they want?
 •  Column of April 25, 2000;
reprinted with permission of the Griffin Internet Syndicate
Subsidized Consensus
The courtier intellectuals want to silence dissent. What do they have to lose? Plenty.
 •  Column of April 20, 2000;
reprinted with permission of the Griffin Internet Syndicate
Observations on the Hive
Unconnected thoughts
 •  Various issues
The Growth of the Hive
The adaptability of the Hive
 •  July 1999 (Volume 6, Number 7)
The Hive
A quick overview of the metaphor
 •  June 1999 (Volume 6, Number 6)
The Tyranny of Everyone
You can’t ignore what Everyone thinks
 •  June 1999 (Volume 6, Number 6)
Hum of Hate: The Progressive Hive Has a New Queen,
by Tom Bethell
A short history of how the Hive survived its greatest setback
 •  Reprinted from The American Spectator, March 1999

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