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 American Idols 

May 24, 2007 
atheismHow can this country survive much longer, when the younger generation is so appallingly ignorant? Only half of them can name the first book of the Bible, or any of the four Gospels.

Today's column is "American Idols" -- Read Joe's columns the day he writes them.atheismWorse yet, in a way, I’m not sure they can even read the New York Post! They all know who the current American Idol is, but a shocking number are unable to identify Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco. No use trying to converse intelligently with such people about Antony and Cleopatra.

atheismI have my own problem with the Post. My eyes are so weak now that without my reading glasses I can’t tell whether it still supports Israel. I’ll have to start getting the Braille edition, I guess.

atheismToday’s atheists baffle me too. If they don’t believe God exists, why do they hate him so much? That doesn’t figure for me.

atheismI mean, I don’t believe in Zeus, myself. But for that very reason, I don’t hate him. (Or, to be safe, Him — some people in this multicultural society of ours are pretty sensitive about capitalizing pronouns.)

atheismI’ve always found it hard to hold grudges against deities that don’t even exist. When, as a kid, I didn’t believe, I couldn’t even work up a head of steam against the one wise people tried to tell me did exist.

atheismA tolerant fellow Christian just told me he thinks atheists are entitled to their opinions. I told him I think they’re entitled to my opinions; I’ve heard enough of theirs! Don’t even get me started on the subject of that fool Darwin. The world would be a lot better off if he’d taken up astrology, like Attila the Hun.

atheismAt least astrology is a science with a long and respectable pedigree. Not that it can’t do a lot of harm in the wrong hands, I suppose. But so can physics. It wasn’t astrologers who gave the world the atomic bomb.

atheismWhy don’t the atheists get angry at Zoroastrians, by the way? Talk about troublemakers. I used to live next door to one of those people. Never again. Of course, with the Internet, you can’t get away from them now. And they always seem to know how to find Yours Truly. I guess that’s what I get for answering their messages.

[Breaker quote for American Idols: Atheism and decline]atheismOne of the pretty clear lessons of history is that Zoroastrianism tends to lead to war in the Middle East. It’s so obvious that I’m surprised that the atheists still haven’t caught on to it. Why do they always give Ahura Mazda a pass when they’re inveighing against gentle Jesus? Do they assume nobody will notice? Well, some of us are keeping score.

atheismThey accuse us Christians of being Manicheans, for example, but they seldom say a word against the actual Manicheans. How fair is that? If you ask me, it’s the same old tired story: atheism talks, polytheism walks. Watch the treatment of the Catholic Church on public television, and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve had it up to here with these people.

atheismI wish I could say I don’t have a god in this fight, but I do: the only one today’s atheists seem to care about, the only one they can never forgive. Read the Psalms, listen to Handel: he is the king of glory. The hatred of the atheists bears perverse witness to him. So does their persecution of his believers, which is so unlike their indifference to the old pagan gods and idols.

atheismAtheism is tolerant, they say. Maybe I’m missing something. We never seem to hear about the sins of organized irreligion, still active in China and Cuba. In the West it’s called “separation of church and state.”

atheismAs Charles Baudelaire observed, “Satan’s cleverest wile is to make us think he doesn’t exist.” It has come to sound quaint to speak of the diabolical, no matter how evident it is.

atheismMost atheists now prefer to call themselves agnostics, meaning that even if there is a bare possibility that some sort of God exists, he can’t speak to his own creatures, so we should ignore any messages from him.

atheismAnd religion is all right, they say, as long as it makes you feel good. Just don’t try to impose it on others by acting as if it’s really true.

Joseph Sobran

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