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December 28, 2006   •   Old Movies, Eternal Morals
The movies teach us to expect too much from romantic love and to think violence can make the world just.
December 25, 2006   •   Master of Ennui
If you want to make the audience wince, don’t show them a man being shot dead.
December 21, 2006   •   Last Laugh
Thank you, dear Lord, for giving me this friend for so many years.
December 18, 2006   •   Logic, Anyone?
If you say something, you should be prepared to stand by it.
December 14, 2006   •   The Magician
Hillary Clinton has kept her old implacable enemies, while Barack Obama has quietly stolen many of her old friends.
December 11, 2006   •   Yes, It’s a Cheney — Or Something
Let’s talk about the forgotten man in all this: the father, or as he would now be called, the “biological” father.
December 7, 2006   •   How Lincoln Gave Us Kwanzaa
Rap has given the ancient maxim new relevance: ars longa, vita brevis.
December 4, 2006   •   In Praise of Bush
America may not be the greatest country on Earth, but it’s got to be one of the funniest.
November 30, 2006   •   The Jim Webb I Met
In Washington, everyone covets the reputation of being a maverick, precisely because the genuine article is so rare.
November 28, 2006
A reprint from Universal
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  •   The Case for Conspiracy
Government officials don’t have to worry about costs.
November 23, 2006   •   The Atheist’s Pulpit
From an atheistic point of view this is often a disappointing universe, but if a bit of superstition makes it marginally more bearable at times, why complain?
November 20, 2006   •   Book and Movie
Never, surely, has a man gone to such bizarre lengths to dispose of an unwanted wife.
November 17, 2006   •   Apocalypse Soon
Flag burning. And going nucular.
November 13, 2006   •   Science, Religion, and Hate
If you want to understand how liberals see the world, here is where to start.
November 9, 2006   •   The Republican Future
What can the Republicans do in 2008? I have an idea ...
November 6, 2006   •   Election Projections
If your vote were to change anything, the Supreme Court would have to overrule it.
November 2, 2006   •   Normal Brains
Mad scientists and their blundering assistants — in the movies and in foreign policy
October 31, 2006
A reprint from Universal
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  •   Your Money and Your Life
A government with limitless power to spend and tax is going to have a “service” that may treat you as a one-man black market.
October 26, 2006   •   A Republican Recovery?
Bush is beyond recovery, but the Republicans, if they abandon him, will not be.
October 24, 2006   •   The Executive Empire
Politics breeds evasion, abstraction, and euphemism.
October 19, 2006   •   Getting Up There
Aging — it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
October 17, 2006   •   Responses, Hot and Cool
From “I love you” to daring damnation
October 12, 2006   •   Bush’s Learning Problem
Kim and Bush: The questions are more or less the same.
October 10, 2006   •   News from All Over the Place
You gotcher Democrats, yer Yankees, and the Bad Quarto. And then there’s other stuff.
October 5, 2006   •   Violent Religions
Is it tolerance or merely the spiritual sloth of people who no longer take religion seriously?
October 3, 2006   •   Hamlet’s Lame Creator
Throwing invaluable light on the origins and history of the world’s most famous play
September 28, 2006
A reprint from Universal
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  •   Spelling It Out
A culture that doesn’t believe in itself
September 26, 2006   •   Thou Shalt Not Reelect
How nonvoters can revolutionize American politics
September 21, 2006   •   The Islamic Enigma
Religion and wishful thinking
September 19, 2006   •   Bad Muslims
Getting the wrong impression about Islam?
September 14, 2006   •   Everybody Knows
Government propaganda has replaced popular folklore as a source of what “everybody knows.”
September 12, 2006   •   Wild Justice
Hamlet — A symphony of cross purposes
September 7, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Neglected Genius
There’s art that isn’t appreciated in its own day, and there’s art that’s appreciated far too much.
September 5, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Victim of McCarthyism
My new sympathy for the underdog, the minority, the dissenter, the Other
August 31, 2006   •   Glorious War!
War would seem to be at the opposite pole from conserving anything.
August 29, 2006   •   Islam and the Vacuum
Filling the gap left by secularized Westerners who find it hard to believe that religion can be a decisive force in politics
August 24, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Two Ways of Lying
The fancy way of systematic pretense
August 22, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Finding the Flaws
Governments are made to be bribed.
August 17, 2006   •   Heavenly Turmoil
Plutophiles, Plutophobes, and media bias
August 15, 2006   •   Nation-Building and Islam
A formula for mutual incomprehension and endless conflict
August 10, 2006   •   Language in Rubble
Killing needs euphemism.
August 8, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Relearning the Obvious
Peace more horrible than war
August 3, 2006
  •   Gibson’s Offense
An unapologetic worshipper of Jesus Christ defies the secularist taboo on Christian expression in the marketplace.
August 1, 2006
A reprint from Universal
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  •   Keeping Marriage Straight
Marriage as an institution is prior to the rights attached to it.
July 27, 2006
  •   The Bush Revolution
Old sayings that don’t make any sense.
July 25, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Fantasy and Imagination
Grasping the remote implications of ideas
July 20, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   It Can’t Transpire Here
Not all change is progress; some is decay.
July 18, 2006
  •   Murderous Martyrs
A world that seems like a baffling alternative universe
July 13, 2006
  •   “Everyone Has His Reasons”
In the Middle East everyone seems to have his reasons to hate everyone else and both agree only on the necessity of war.
July 11, 2006
  •   The Lawless State
Conservatives and liberals are both favoring dictatorship.
July 6, 2006
A reprint from Universal
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  •   Sir John and Miss Redgrave
The lobby that silences great artists
July 4, 2006
  •   St. Paul and the Liberal Agenda
The hijackers of religion know an enemy when they see one.
June 29, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   My Ilk and I
The implications of the ad hominem argument
June 27, 2006
  •   The Behemoth of Bust
The one, the only ... and the greatest career in baseball
June 22, 2006
  •   The Hamlet That Never Was
It is unnecessary to postulate an earlier play.
June 20, 2006
  •   What Would Gore Have Done?
It has taken this “conservative” president to give liberals second thoughts about their long adulation of executive power.
June 15, 2006
  •   Tolerance Strikes Again
Tolerance to make the blood run cold
June 13, 2006
  •   Our Dreams Came True
The seductive dream democracy always inspires
June 8, 2006
  •   The Cheap Pathos of Civil Rights
A perfectly good word loses its meaning.
June 6, 2006
  •   The Bush Touch
Tragedy in a nutshell
June 1, 2006
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Shakespeare and Ms. Grundy
Individuals and representatives
May 30, 2006
  •   The Real Bill Buckley
Everyone has a story.
May 25, 2006
  •   A Vibrant Democracy
Both parties now feel it’s vital to deceive the voters with conservative slogans.
May 23, 2006
  •   The Commandments of Men
The Land of the Licensed
May 18, 2006
  •   Apologies to the Swedes
There’s at least one who is warm, and sweet, and funny, and ...
May 16, 2006
  •   The Case for Popular Poetry
Aren’t we all poetry lovers by nature?
May 11, 2006
  •   President Disastro
Just the way Thomas Jefferson would have wanted it
May 9, 2006
  •   Bush’s Place in History
Seldom has one man gotten on so many people’s nerves for so many different reasons.
May 4, 2006
  •   Blaming Bush
No matter how much harm it does, men continue to believe in its promises.
May 2, 2006
  •   Why Do We Need Government?
Two vocabularies for wrongs
April 27, 2006
  •   Apocalypse Now?
The scandal that explains everything else
April 25, 2006
  •   Bush’s Misgovernment
Just one of many
April 20, 2006
  •   Free Speech in the Nominal Democracy
Voluntary compliance with the limits
April 18, 2006
  •   War and Faith
A joke for the gods
April 13, 2006
  •   Shakespearean Masterpiece
A woman with undaunted mettle
April 11, 2006
  •   As November Approaches
Bush asked to be judged by his conduct of the War on Terror, and he is getting his wish.
April 6, 2006
  •   The Philosopher and the Fossils
The scientific method and the abuse of language
April 4, 2006
  •   Jesus' Government
Not exactly a hearty vote of confidence
March 30, 2006
  •   Jack’s Story
Something that wasn’t inevitable happened.
March 28, 2006
  •   Bush’s Intelligence
Religions of peace
March 23, 2006
  •   Buckley and His Heirs
The founder derided
March 21, 2006
  •   Bush’s Latest Idea
Do we really owe our freedom to wars?
March 16, 2006
  •   A Quagmire of Ideas
Nobody foresaw that the Iraq war would lead to Bush’s claim of intellectual leadership.
March 14, 2006
  •   Battle Cries
We don’t owe our freedom to elections but to effective checks on power.
March 9, 2006
  •   “Too Goyish”
Jews can’t possibly be as bad as their defenders make them sound.
March 7, 2006
  •   We the Sheep
Civics for suckers
March 2, 2006
  •   The Bimbo’s Day in Court
A very focused blonde
February 28, 2006
  •   A Sinking Ship
Yanking the rug out from under National Review
February 23, 2006
  •   The Irving Danger
No one has the last word on any war.
February 21, 2006
  •   Irving Loses Again
A blasphemy trial
February 16, 2006
  •   Playing for Laughs
Potentially, one of television’s enduring comedy series
February 14, 2006
  •   Cheney and Chappaquiddick
The Leno-Letterman pillory
February 9, 2006
  •   Fake Pollocks?
Fortunately for Pollock, he never painted anything that looked like anything.
February 7, 2006
  •   Liberal in Chief
Not all cultures are ready for multiculturalism.
February 2, 2006
  •   Penumbras, Emanations, and Stuff
Making the Constitution superfluous
January 31, 2006
  •   Candor, Anyone?
A concatenation of empty applause lines that no speaker could possibly intend sincerely and no listener could possibly take seriously
January 26, 2006
  •   Only Mozart
Contributing to the cause of world peace
January 24, 2006
  •   The Reluctant Emancipator
Republicans, big government, and war
January 19, 2006
  •   Lincoln’s Party
What did Lincoln say about the need for freedom of speech or a free press?
January 17, 2006
  •   How to Handle a Woman
Learning from a pro — Richard III
January 12, 2006
  •   The Heyday of Kennedyism
Freestyle accusations and bogus predicates
January 10, 2006
  •   The Case against Football
But it gives the clergy something to talk to the laity about.
January 5, 2006
  •   Bush’s Alpha Male
The daunting effect a ruthless man can have on weak men
January 3, 2006
  •   The Bard in Retirement
It’s like contending that Bach finally gave up writing fugues for hip-hop.

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