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Alias Shakespeare

Alias Shakespeare

The publisher is listing this book as out of stock, and there is no projected availability date. Please do not submit orders at this time. We will be carrying the book when it is available again.

Order Form

To order, print this form and fax it with the requested credit card information to 703-281-6617.

You may also use your credit card to place your order by calling 1-800-513-5053.

If you prefer to order by mail, print this form; complete it and send it with your cheque payable to “The Vere Company” to SOBRANS, P.O. Box 1383, Vienna, VA 22183.

We regret that we are not yet set up to take credit card orders over the Internet.

1–3 copies: $21.95 each ($3 off the publisher's list price)
4 or more copies: $19.95 each
Shiping & Handling:
Add $4.50 for the first book; $1 for each additional book
Overseas: Call 703-255-2211 for shipping charges
Send autographed book(s) to (please print):
City, State Zip:
Charge My Order To: VISA   MASTERCARD
Name on Card:
Account Number:
Exp. Date (mm/yy):

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