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December 25, 2003
  •   A Failure To Communicate
Before we start pouring democracy and freedom into the Muslim world, we may do well to give it a heavy infusion of good old Western metaphysics.
December 18, 2003
  •   Listening to Dad
I suspect that Bush, like previous pro-Israel presidents, has gotten a bit weary of being used, evaded, and defied by the Israelis and their Amen Corner in this country.
December 11, 2003
  •   The Mask Is Off
The liberals aren’t the only ones who lack principles.
December 4, 2003
  •   Ganging Up on Jacko
Everyone wants to feel superior to someone.
November 27, 2003
  •   Sodomites All
Liberalism is a continual digression. Nobody can divine its next trend.
November 20, 2003
  •   The Ever-Vaster Reservoir
There can hardly be a bigger project than world conquest, even if it is called promoting freedom and democracy.
November 13, 2003
  •   Gibson’s Triumph
Never was a film less likely to inspire violence. It’s up to the orthodox to adjust to Bishop Robinson!
November 6, 2003
  •   The Neon-Lit Dark Age
Why my affection for America is sharply limited
October 30, 2003
  •   An Apocalyptic Style of Management
A man who thinks he has been anointed by God should tell the electorate that.
October 23, 2003
  •   Revenge of the Liberal Media
Liberal tolerance! Liberal compassion! Take a good look.
October 16, 2003
  •   The Irony of Arnold
The tolerance that John Kennedy spawned was that of indifference. The Republican Party is not up to the job of being conservative.
October 9, 2003
  •   Hard Sayings
We are not true to Christ’s sayings when we pretend that his sayings are not hard.
October 2, 2003
  •   The War President
Just what has been gained?
September 25, 2003
  •   Options
Every now and then, Israel still manages to shock me.
September 18, 2003
  •   A Blank Paper
The Tenth Amendment is the real “implied powers” clause, and the powers implied do not go to the Federal Government.
September 11, 2003
  •   Resisting “Liberation”
The self-deception continues. The salient fact about the whole affair is that the U.S. government has taken no action against Pollard’s superiors.
September 4, 2003
  •   Death of a Pervert
Safe sex is a phrase that didn’t occur to us when sex was really safe because it was confined to marriage — same-sex marriage.
August 28, 2003
  •   Distinctions on Terrorism
Bush has used the term far too indiscriminately. It occurs to me that sensitivity should be a two-way street.
August 21, 2003
  •   Schumer and the Catholics
A case of moral erosion
August 14, 2003
  •   Gibson and His Critics
Now spirituality is what scandalizes Hollywood. There’s something typically American about Mike Tyson. Atrocities against innocents often “work.” Both Hiroshima and terrorism illustrate that.
August 7, 2003
  •   Education for Damnation
If education is the domain of the state, as it is in America, and if the state must be neutral about religion, as the U.S. Supreme Court understands religious “neutrality,” then the public schools may be organized on materialist dogmas but not on Christian dogmas.
July 31, 2003
  •   From Apocalypse to Anticlimax
Bush neglected to warn that we might forget why we were fighting. He seems to have.
July 24, 2003
  •   Budget Notes
Even with limitless taxing powers, this government can’t control itself. Only a film intended to lead people to salvation is capable of stirring panic in today’s secular moral guardians. Unlike Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth made baseball more fun for everyone.
July 17, 2003
  •   Benign Neglect Revisited
Race goes deeper than skin color and maybe deeper than genetics.
July 10, 2003
  •   Controlling the Court
The Court has merely adopted a trendy view shared by the chattering classes and called it the law of the land.
July 3, 2003
  •   The Court and Diversity
“We regret to inform you, despite your excellent academic record and impressive SAT scores, that you do not meet our current diversity needs.”
June 26, 2003
  •   Why We Fought
The war’s apologists keep coming up with new justifications for what has already been done. Lincoln never intended for government to become so huge, but he made it all possible.
June 19, 2003
  •   The Evolving Presidency
Bush is marginally less liberal than Clinton, but restoring the original Republic isn’t on his agenda either. Keeping up with the Episcopalians Kudos to Fr. Ian Boyd and The Chesterton Review
June 12, 2003
  •   “Baby” or “Fetus”?
If “child” is incorrect, is “mother”? A conservative demurs — at last. When smart people do dumb things
June 5, 2003
  •   The Servile State Revisited
Are we bred to obey? Darwinism and purpose
May 29, 2003
  •   Ideas, Old and New
The times call for medieval ideas.
May 22, 2003
  •   Philosopher of Contentment
Michael Oakeshott
May 15, 2003
  •   The Empire and Its Denizens
The kind of people who made the old America hardly exist anymore. Their descendants might as well belong to another species.
May 8, 2003
  •   France and the Empire
The French got the mistaken idea that the United States respected them as a free, independent, and sovereign country. They made this error rather naturally, by believing U.S. rhetoric. On the other hand, the United States does treat Israel as a sovereign country. Just how important is sodomy, anyway?
May 1, 2003
  •   Defining Tyranny
Usurpation is what makes a man a tyrant, not being mean and wearing a funny mustache.
April 24, 2003
  •   Looting Iraq
Crassness, gloating, and smugness are the order of the day.
April 17, 2003
  •   Liberating Iraq
Victory rarely begets humility.
April 10, 2003
  •   Today’s America and the Propaganda War
Propaganda, like life, isn’t fair. Today’s America is what conservatives used to hope to prevent.
April 3, 2003
  •   A Time for Silence?
Hey! Who’s supposed to run this country, anyway? An attack on my patriotism
March 13, 2003
  •   Waco Writ Large
Weapons as an excuse; demonized leader; children killed — what does all that remind you of? Is bin Laden dead or alive?
June 20, 2002
  •   The Authority of “Change”
A Washington Watch column maintained on The Wanderer’s website
March 8, 2002
  •   Dirty Secrets
A Washington Watch column maintained on The Wanderer’s website
February 14, 2002
  •   Pedophiles and the Pews
A Washington Watch column maintained on The Wanderer’s website
January 10, 2002
  •   The Abnormal Society
A Washington Watch column maintained on The Wanderer’s website
November 1, 2001
  •   Is the Government “Us”
A Washington Watch column maintained on Jacques Tucker’s website. We do not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the transcription.
April 5, 2001
  •   Free Speech: Shot Down in Beirut
A Washington Watch column maintained on the website of the Insitute for Historical Revision. We do not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the transcription.
September 16, 1999
  •   Career Change
Reprinted from The Wanderer. Why Joe accepted the Constitution Party’s nomination to be their candidate for vice president.
July 1, 1999
  •   Death Illustrated
Reprinted from The Wanderer. Just what does nuanced mean in this context?
October 8, 1998
  •   The Devil’s Own
Reprinted from The Wanderer. Is Bill Clinton Satanic?
June 8, 1995
  •   The Clash of ’96
Reprinted from The Wanderer. None of the media-anointed Big Four appeals strongly to conservatives at a time when the nation’s mood is more conservative than ever.
August 12, 1993
  •   Demjanjuk, Israel and The Holocaust
A Washington Watch column maintained on David Irving’s website. We do not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the transcription.
May 13, 1993
  •   Victims Deserve Better
A Washington Watch column maintained on David Irving’s website. We do not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the transcription.

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