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The following articles by Joe are not maintained on this website. Such being the case, we cannot vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the text, or whether the operators of the websites in question obtained permission to reprint the pieces. Many are syndicated columns that were written before Joe joined the Griffin Internet Syndicate and that deal with U.S.-Israel relations or Zionism. Often, when Joe writes on these subjects, papers that normally carry his columns choose, as is their prerogative, not to run them. All columns syndicated by The Griffin Internet Syndicate are maintained on this website in the Columns section.

This page was created because Joe wrote so much over the years before the website came into existence. Diligent readers have found these articles all over the Internet and brought them to our attention, and we want to make sure other readers can find them easily. Readers who find other articles by Joe on other websites are invited to notify us so that we can link to them from this page.

Articles are listed alphabetically. Those found and listed here within the previous three months appear at the beginning of the list out of sequence in larger print. When we have them, the dates of original publication appear in parenthesis after the title. Articles about Joe appear at the end of the list.
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Articles maintained on this website.


  • Original articles posted at Taki’s Top Drawer

  •  The Babe’s Edge (5/31/2006)

  •  The Da Vinci Gospel (5/29/2006)

  •  Fear of the Smear (4/08/2006)


  • Allies Don’t Let Our Soldiers Die; Did Israel Deliberately Allow 241 American Marines to Die?
  • American Palestinian Boy Tortured, Slain (08/28/89)
  • Bobby Fischer’s Dumbest Move (10/19/1992) — Scroll down a bit to come to Joe’s article.
  • The Case for the Confederacy
  • Conserving and Destroying (09/95)
  • Free Pollard, Our Scapegoat
  • Hard Sayings (Newsmax gives the date as 11/17/98; our source gives 12/03/98.)
    The text omits a quotation from Jesus in the original: “And he who will not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”

  • How Many Enemies Do We Want?
  • Johnson’s Conduct toward Israel Approached Treason
  • Let’s Represent U.S. Interests for Once, instead of Israel’s
  • Summoning the Spirit of James MadisonYou have to scroll down a little way before coming to Joe’s piece.
  • Teach Your Children Well (08/23/99)
  • Why We Few Criticize Israel
    Audio and video media
  • The Anti-Church: Opposing Forces Within and Without
    A tape of a talk given at the St. John Fisher Forum, available in audio cassette or VHS videotape.
  • A tape recording of “The Alien State,” a talk given at the 2004 American Renaissance Conference in Herndon, Virginia, can be ordered at AR’s website.
  • A tape recording of “Post-Constitutional America,” a talk given at the Future of Freedom Foundation’s five-year conference in 1994, is available at their website.
  • A tape recording of “Race, the State, and the Constitution,” a talk given at the 1994 American Renaissance Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, can be ordered at AR’s website.
  • Lincoln Versus the South: Who Was Right (December 2002)
    This is a debate between Joe and Dinesh D’Souza. The two parts exist in RealMedia format. Internet users with older systems or browsers may not be able to access these files:
    Part 1 Part 2
    Articles about Joe
  • Joseph Sobran and Historical Revisionism, by Mark Weber, appeared in the Journal of Historical Review, Fall 1986, pages 373–74.
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