Death of a Pervert

     The murder of the defrocked priest John Geoghan, the 
central figure in Boston's pedophile scandals, comes as a 
shocking, portentous event. Geoghan was strangled by a 
fellow inmate who was already serving a life sentence for 
murdering another homosexual. The killer had evidently 
planned the attack carefully.

     One wonders if the wretched Geoghan, accused of 
molesting as many as 130 boys, had repented his sins and 
returned to God's grace. He had lived a life of profound 
hypocrisy and cynicism for many years, and such habits 
are so corrosive to the conscience that genuine remorse 
may become difficult.

     We can only hope that the shock and infamy of his 
downfall forced him to face himself, and that humiliation 
led to humility. Sometimes the best thing that can happen 
to a criminal is getting caught.

     There was a terrible fitness in his death. Like all 
child molesters, he lived in danger of murder during his 
months in prison -- and he was the most notorious child 
molester in the United States. He had betrayed not only 
his direct victims, but Christ's Church.

     We should also count as his victims those who suffer 
at the stain he left on the priesthood; as the old saying 
goes, he was the type who gives the whole group a bad 
name. Every faithful priest must now bear the obloquy and 
suspicion brought on by a few rotten priests like 

     This burden has been aggravated by lax discipline, 
and worse, within the Church. Not only have many 
perverted priests been reassigned to unsuspecting 
parishes, rather than suspended or punished; an 
aggressive homosexual underworld has taken hold in many 
seminaries. The priesthood, like other occupations 
parents used to be able to trust implicitly, has actually 
attracted perverts who see it as providing endless 
opportunities to exploit the young in their care.

     Media accounts of the problem define it as one of 
"pedophilia." They studiously avoid the word 
"homosexual." We are told that pedophiles and homosexuals 
are wholly distinct categories; that most pedophiles are, 
in fact, heterosexual. Since the great majority of men 
are heterosexual, this is superficially plausible.

     But I no longer believe it. The other word that 
inevitably occurs in these scandals is "boys." Only a few 
have involved girls, particularly small girls. There is 
some connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.

     On this score, the media have conducted their own 
cover-up, ignoring the participation of the North 
American Man/Boy Love Association in "gay" events. The 
homosexual movement insists it has nothing to do with 
pedophilia, but where is its emphatic repudiation of sex 
with boys?

Candor, Anyone?

     In an age that prides itself on "candor" about sex, 
we have seen the emergence of new forms of hypocrisy, as 
well as new taboos on frank discussion. Liberals sneer at 
the phrase "the homosexual agenda," as if there were no 
such thing -- even as that agenda extends to demands for 
"same-sex marriage"!

     I'm a little puzzled by the passion this issue 
excites, since "same-sex marriage" is literally nonsense. 
Lincoln is said to have asked, "How many legs does a dog 
have if you count the tail as a leg?" Answer: "Four. 
Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." In the same 
way, calling a homosexual union a marriage doesn't make 
it a marriage.

     Even societies that tolerate sodomy have seldom if 
ever seen any reason to treat such unions as marriages. 
The practical reason for marriage has always been the 
breeding and upbringing of children. Even most 
homosexuals have always understood that. Homosexuals, 
especially males, are notoriously promiscuous, so even if 
the law recognizes such unions as marriages, I doubt that 
many of them will choose monogamy.

     Tolerance of sodomy is by no means a regular feature 
even of pagan societies. The ancient Greeks, contrary to 
what we are told, generally regarded it with disgust and 
punished it as a crime. Every society has some sort of 
sexual morality, which inevitably favors marriage and 
usually excludes sodomy; and even where sodomy is 
allowed, it's usually between men and boys. The Roman 
poet Juvenal, who had seen just about everything in that 
swinging city, describes homosexuals in the most scathing 

     The propaganda of perversion is forever reminding us 
that homosexual acts occur even in the animal kingdom. It 
neglects to mention, however, that these are very rare, 
and even then they are performed for simple relief or to 
assert dominance. Monogamy also occurs among many higher 
species of animals, but they never mate permanently with 
their own sex. Nature is trying to tell us something.

     Obviously the call for same-sex marriage could occur 
only in a society that already takes marriage very 
lightly. Homosexuals demand it in the secure knowledge 
that it won't necessarily be till death do you part. The 
vow isn't really a sacred promise anymore; it's viewed as 
the expression of a romantic impulse, made, so to speak, 
with fingers crossed.

     Thanks to new adoption laws and artificial 
insemination, same-sex couples, homosexual and lesbian, 
are now having children. Again we are assured that 
there's nothing to worry about. The kids will be fine, 
raised by two loving "parents." Sexual child abuse will 
be rare.

     Again a bit of skepticism is in order. At a time 
when the traditional family is under relentless attack 
and its failures are publicized and dramatized, only the 
hypothetical homosexual family is idealized and 
sentimentalized, even before the results are in.

     We are told that homosexuals are as normal as you 
and I, though we're also told that you and I are in 
pretty sad shape. It's easy to get the impression that 
homosexuality is a positive qualification for marriage 
and parenthood.

     We'll see about that. When the children of these 
brave new families grow up, they'll have some stories to 
tell, and the results may not quite match the rosy 
picture painted by the propagandists. It can be hard 
enough for a child to grow up in a broken home, 
especially when his friends and classmates all have 
normal families (though this is rarer and rarer); imagine 
growing up with two "parents" of the same sex, when the 
other children all have real parents.

     Remind you of anything? Well, it reminds me of the 
early years of the "sexual revolution," when all the 
propaganda heralded a new era of carefree, antiseptic 
sexual indulgence. That revolution has reached its 
dreadful fulfillment in our inner cities, where 
uninhibited behavior has resulted in bastardy, crime, 
poverty, disease, and general disorder.

     Not quite the glossy ads for easy sex we were shown; 
now we have to talk about "safe sex," a phrase that 
didn't occur to us when sex was really safe because it 
was confined to marriage.

     Opposite-sex marriage, that is.

                                        --- Joseph Sobran


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