The Great "Gay" Racket
April 19, 2001

by Joe Sobran

     Getting in touch with my feelings the other 
day, I realized how I loathe homosexuals. All of 
them? Of course not. Some of them are funny, kind, 
intelligent, and otherwise pleasant. But 
homosexuals in general, yes. I can't stand them. 
Especially the ones who are organized under the 
rubric of "gay rights."

     I guess this makes me "homophobic." So what? 
"Homophobia" is one of those ugly cant-words -- 
like "racist" and "sexist" -- that no self-
respecting speaker of the English language would 
use. (Try to imagine Abraham Lincoln calling 
someone "homophobic.") It's a verbal badge of 

     Funny how the people who style themselves 
victims always want to bully everyone else. 
"Diversity" now means conformity. It means making 
sensible people afraid to contradict nonsense so 
obvious as to insult their intelligence.

     Normal people find homosexuality, especially 
male homosexuality, repellent. We're supposed to 
apologize for that? Our slang words for the anus, 
and their use as insults, express our disgust with 
the whole idea of anal sex. Apart from the personal 
defilement it involves, it's grossly unsanitary.

     My own feelings are intensified by personal 
experience. Believe me, when a child you love has 
been sodomized, it takes a lot of the romance out 
of buggery. What was merely disgusting becomes 
nauseating. You needn't hate the perpetrator -- 
who, in this case as in so many others, had been 
sodomized as a child himself -- to feel utter 
revulsion at the act, and contempt for those who 
try to endow it with dignity.

     Will the victim now grow up to sodomize other 
boys? Will he come down with AIDS? Will he, on his 
wedding night, remember this first "sexual" 

     Another instance of homosexual pedophilia has 
been in the news lately -- or rather, hasn't been 
in the news. In 1999 two Arkansas perverts raped, 
tortured, and murdered a 13-year-old boy; that 
crime has been almost totally ignored by the same 
news media that spent a year bewailing the murder 
of the homosexual Matthew Shepard.  Because the boy 
was a victim rather than a victimizer of 
homosexuals, his story might hurt The Cause. No 
martyr he!

     The standard "gay" line on pedophilia is that 
most child molesters are heterosexuals. This is 
sheer propaganda. Homosexuals are only 1 or 2 
percent of the general population (despite their 
inflated claims -- also propagandist -- of 10 
percent), yet they are wildly disproportionate 
among pedophiles.

     What is more important, though, is that most 
heterosexuals are more than willing to punish 
molesters of little girls. They don't make excuses 
for them or cover up their crimes. They recognize 
norms of behavior.

     But pedophiles are an integral part of the 
"gay rights" movement. Does that movement repudiate 
them? Not at all. On the contrary, the North 
American Man/Boy Love Association is a regular and 
welcome contingent at "gay pride" marches. In 
England, organized "gays" agitate for lowering the 
age of consent for sex.

     This stands to reason. Homosexuality is an 
abandonment not only of the normal, but of any 
norms. Once you approve of promiscuous anal sex 
with strangers, how can you draw a line against 
anything? Why not have anal sex with kids, if 
that's your thing?

     And once again, the news media -- which love 
to highlight any "extremists" at conservative 
events -- refuse to report on pedophiles in the 
movement. It might embarrass The Cause. If it's 
"diversity" you want, don't look for it among 

     I used to feel sorry for homosexuals. However 
they became that way, it was an inclination I could 
only pity them for being saddled with, since so 
much of normal life was closed off to them. And I 
understand why parents who find out their sons are 
homosexual want to protect them, even if it means 
denying that homosexuality is a serious disorder. 
That's natural.

     But no parent is glad to learn his son is 
"gay"; no parent would wish that condition on a 
child. This is why all the propaganda of "gay 
pride" rings false. Normal people aren't even proud 
of being normal; they take it for granted. But 
"pride" in an abnormality?

     I don't blame anyone for being sick. I blame 
them for telling me that sickness is just another 
form of health.


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